Woven Label

Features and uses:

The webbing coated silicone rubber is a two-component 1:1 addition molding liquid silicone rubber. It has excellent weather resistance, good dimensional stability, moderate hardness, good fluidity, high transparency, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and adheres to various textile fabrics. Good relay, heat resistance can be over 250.

1. Features:

1. Medium viscosity, can be used to coat narrow-sided synthetic fabrics, such as trouser belts, top edges of stockings without suspenders, lace and other fabrics

2. High elongation and low modulus

3. High transparency

4. Good anti-slip performance

5. Good adhesion to various fabrics

6. Excellent flexibility

2. Silicone application

1. Applicable to all kinds of lace coatings and stockings coatings

2. Anti-slip coating on bra straps and supporting edges.

3. Anti-slip coating in the waistband, corsets and corsets.

4. Lycra fabric coating.

5. All kinds of ribbons, jacquard ribbons, woven labels with epoxy coating.

6. Textile coatings for outdoor sportswear, shoelaces, bags, etc.

7. Epoxy coating for medical trousers, Epoxy coating for maternity clothing textiles.

8. Anti-skid and waterproof coating for swimwear and swimming caps.